Italianism - Il design della parola

Ten words to imagine.

Renato Fontana was kind enough to call us again for Italianism, in this new edition dedicated to words. Ten are the ones that Amir Issaa, rapper and record producer, chose; we have represented them visually, in our own way. Ambition, competition, courage, dignity, effort, flexibility, pride, resource, revenge, amazement. Try to match them!

The catalog with all participants is online and downloadable for free.



Ambition and flexibility by Lettering da Milano
Competition and courage by Lettering da Torino
Dignity by Lettering da Jesi
Effort by Lettering da Genova
Pride and amazement by Lettering da Faenza
Resource by Lettering da Matera
Revenge by Lettering da Venezia

Cover photo by Alberto Blasetti